Zeolite Resource

Oreana Energy controls 1,280 acres of mineral lease land, which contain a large reserve of the rare natural zeolite, ferrierite as well as the more common zeolite, mordenite. The deposit is 13 miles by paved road west of Lovelock, Nevada. Lovelock is adjacent to Interstate Highway 80 and is the County Seat of Pershing County. Lovelock has an industrial park located along the mainline of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad.

The Lovelock zeolite deposit was discovered by Union Carbide in the late 1950's and was later leased to W. R. Grace Company. W. R. Grace used the rare ferrierite as "seed" material to develop and later patent a synthetic zeolite. The deposit has been dormant until Oreana Energy recognized that ferrierite has unique applications in modern technology.

Fieldwork indicates zeolite-rich beds that crop out in an area 4,000 feet north south and averaging 2,000 feet wide. The ferrierite is present in the central part of the deposit with a stratigraphic thickness of 55 feet. The mordenite is contained within a hill southeast of the main ferrierite occurrence. Mordenite has heat and acid stability qualities that make it useful in some chemical operations.